‘Til Next Time, Straya!

Looking through my saved places, I felt accomplished with all the places we’ve visited in Australia the past year. Until I zoomed out and saw we only got to the fringes and barely explored proper Australian desert and bushland! The closest we got to the desert was Hyden and it felt pretty inland already. I found myself comparing Australia’s land mass to other countries and continents and realized how real immapancy is. It’s so crazy how huge Australia actually is.

I have to come back one day to see the quokkas, the pink salt lakes and Uluru. Was great making new friends and meeting up with old ones.

Over and out.

Wave Rock/Hyden

Basked in the sunset’s afterglow and its pink and yellow iridescence while on a 2.63 billion year old granite inselberg (a biotite K-feldspar porphyritic monzogranite). Seriously, the massive granite formations in Western Australia are amazing and offer beautiful views.

Also got the chance to visit an aboriginal rock art site and got to see line paintings and hand stencils that probably date back to 400 to 40,000 years ago (age of paintings is difficult to establish). A snake joined us while we appreciated the ancient aboriginal art works (I jumped off the rock and just got out of the cave). Also met a couple of ornate dragons while walking around, which was pretty cool.