Outdoor Fire Pit

Cheap outdoor fire pits cost around $100.00 to $250.00. We took the challenge of making our own fire pit that would cost way less than what’s available in the market.

TOTAL PROJECT COST: We spent a total of $31.90 having spent $10.00 for the steel drum that we got from Gum Tree, and $21.90 for the paint that we got from Bunnings.

MATERIALS: We upcycled a steel drum, steel-brushed it, hand-cut designs using a grinder (that also serve as air intake and smoke exit vents), and painted it with high-temperature heat-resistant spray paint (to prevent it from rusting).

We are pretty happy with the outcome of this project. We love our fire drum so much. It’s so cool watching the fire ablaze through the cut-out tree. We have had friends over a couple of times with pizza, beer and wine, and a few sessions of acoustic guitar jams.

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